Abbotsford, March 12, 2012 - March through April 2012, Abbotsford based company Handlers Equipment will be campaigning to send cows and chickens to poverty stricken communities across the world. Handlers is excited to have launched a new line of the number one selling tractor in the world that will redefine the sub-compact tractor market - The Mahindra Max series. The line, comprised of Mahindra Max 22, the Mahindra Max 25 and the Mahindra Max 28 XL, is also offered with Mahindra's best-in-class 5-year powertrain warranty. In conjunction with the new line launch, Handlers is also giving back. With every new Mahindra purchased during the months of March and April at Handlers, a $500 donation will be put towards the purchase of either one cow or forty chickens to a pre-determined community with Food for the Hungry. How does this work? The fundraising campaign is unique in that salesman Joel Venema will be personally donating $31.50 to Food for the Hungry for every Mahindra tractor sold during the campaign. Handlers Equipment will then match the donation 3:1, bringing the donation total to $125. Donations are also matched by the CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) 3:1, increasing the total donation made to Food for the Hungry to $500. Customers will then choose to send either one cow or forty chickens to one of the pre-determined poverty stricken communities. All donations will be made by Joel Venema and Handlers Equipment and are not taken from the sale of the equipment. "Handlers Equipment commitment to the Mahindra Rise philosophy is showcased well within this campaign and we salute them in their efforts to extend the Mahindra culture of accepting no limits, alternative thinking and driving positive change" said Cleo Franklin, VP of Marketing and Strategic Planning for Mahindra USA. The gift of one cow helps to provide rich organic manure so essential to fertilizing soil that farmers depend on it. In addition to significantly increasing the yield of a farmer's harvest, cows also provide milk for families to drink as well as future income through selling calves. The gift of forty chickens does more than just provide families with eggs and meat; they are long-term investments because future eggs and chicks can be sold while the droppings can be used to improve families' crops. FH Canada, part of the global Food for the Hungry association, is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending poverty - one community at a time. "FH Canada is currently working in ten communities and making a big impact in these communities," explains Joel Venema with Handlers Equipment, "They are using a very integrated approach to end poverty and create sustainability and our hope is that this campaign will support those efforts." Anyone interested in supporting this campaign or visiting Handlers Equipment should contact Joel Venema directly on or before April 30th, 2012. - 604.850.3601 ext. 225