Easy to attach. Built to Last.

According to consumer surveys*, Mahindra attachments are the industry’s easiest to bolt on. Built tough to last the lifetime of the tractor, our attachments make your operations and grounds maintenance that much easier. Learn about our complete line of attachments below:


Loader Models
Works With

84" Bucket

85L Loader with Grille Guard

24" Bucket 3500

5565 2L Loader with Grille Guard

4550 4L Loader with Grille Guard

Max 26 L Loader with Grille Guard

Max 24 L Loader with Grille Guard

75" Material Bucket Skid Steer

78" Material Bucket Skid Steer

Quick Attach Adapter

60" Material Bucket Skid Steer

78" Grapple Bucket

Grapple Fork

87" Material Bucket

72" Material Bucket

66" Material Bucket Skid Steer

50" Pin On Bucket

1538 Loader with Grille Guard

ML205 Loader

ML155 Loader

4565 2L Loader with Grille Guard

5565 4L SK Loader

ML130 Loader

105L Self Leveling Loader with Grille Guard

ML120 Loader

2555L Loader with Grill Guard

ML285 Loader

ML150 Loader

ML140 Loader

ML156 Loader with Grille Guard

ML283 Loader

2565 CL Loader with Grille Guard

ML266 Loader

3550L Loader with Grill Guard

ML274 Loader

ML272 Loader

ML252 Loader

75L SK Loader with Grille Guard

eMax 25 L Loader

ML115 Loader

ML262 Loader

ML116 Loader

ML202 Loader

ML233 Loader

ML161 Loader

2540L Loader

ML234 Loader

4550 2L Loader with Grille Guard


Backhoe Models
Works With

36" Bucket 3500

18" Bucket 3500

16" Bucket 3500

12" Bucket 3500

10" Bucket 3500

4550 B Backhoe

Max 24 B Backhoe

36" Bucket

24" Bucket

18" Bucket

Thumb Kit

Mechanical Thumb Kit

16" Bucket

12" Bucket

Backhoe Thumb Assembly

20" Bucket

10" Bucket

8" Bucket

Backhoe Mechanical Thumb Assembly 6' 3"

Backhoe Thumb Assembly 6' 5"

MB65 Backhoe

75 B (509) Backhoe

3720 Backhoe

2540B Backhoe

Max26B Backhoe

MB63A Backhoe

50 B Backhoe

595 Backhoe

485 Backhoe

75B Backhoe

85B Backhoe

1538B Backhoe

511 Backhoe

eMax 25 B

MB60A Backhoe



Mid-Mount Mowers

Mower Models
Works With

Max 28 60" Mid-Mount Mower

Max 22/25 60" Mid-Mount Mower


Snowblower Models
Works With