Mahindra Tractors Returns to Partner With DJ Kennington


For the sixth consecutive year DJ Kennington and the #17 Dodge team are proud to partner with Mahindra Tractors as the primary associate sponsor for the team’s entry in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series for the 2014 season. Together the two groups have achieved great success claiming two series titles. Narrowly missing out on a third championship last season has made them even hungrier for success in 2014.

The collaboration between Mahindra Tractors & DJ Kennington continues to grow with each year of association and this season the #17 Dodge team and Kennington will have an even larger presence on numerous platforms for the company. Race fans, employees, customers & dealers will all see more of the #17 Dodge team this year.

Driver DJ Kennington understands this kind of partnership with Mahindra Tractors is a special relationship and a key part of the #17 Dodge team’s success.

“We simply could not have this kind of race program without this kind of support from Mahindra Tractors” said Kennington. “We’re building another new car this year with the latest developments from what we’ve learned over the years to make our team better. The group at Mahindra understands what it takes to be the best and their tremendous support allows us to compete at that level” he added.

Vice President of Marketing, Product Development and Strategic Planning for Mahindra USA Cleo Franklin is also proud of what the two entities have accomplished so far and looks forward to even greater accomplishments in the future. "The MUSA sponsorship of DJ's racing team is a great fit. We have great respect for DJ's competitive spirit and drive to succeed as well as his compassion and service to his community that matches the core values of Mahindra," said Cleo Franklin, Mahindra USA's Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning. "We enjoy supporting this exciting sport that provides great entertainment for our customers."

The 2014 NASCAR Canadian Tire Series race season consists of eleven events in five provinces and will be part of some of the largest racing events in Canada. Competion begins the weekend of May 16-18 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park near Bowmanville, ON. Fans can keep up to date with the latest DJ Kennington team news all season. Race fans should bookmark the team website and follow them on twitter @djkracing and like the DJK Racing Fan Page on Facebook.

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Photo: DJ Kennington’s #17 Dodge at pre-season test session

Photo Credit: Todd Lewis