5555 4WD Shuttle

The all-new 5555 is a rugged and versatile, full size 4WD utility tractor with semi platform and side shift. Designed for ease of operation and loaded with an impressive list of standard features.  Perfect for medium-duty to heavy-duty applications, with Shuttle transmission, heavy-duty loader, backhoe and bucket options.  Ideal for Agriculture, Hay, Material Handling, Specialty / Hoppy Farming and much more.

Tractor Only MSRP*
*Price does not include loader. MSRP in USD


Starting MSRP: $30,690*

Attachments & Implements

Just a few of the compatible attachments and implements listed below. Please check with your dealer for a complete list of available add ons including implements and other specialty equipment not listed here tailored to your specific need.

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*MSRP is for informational purposes only. Price does not include loader. MSRP pricing does not include freight, surcharges (taxes or fees) or delivery charges. Please contact your Mahindra Tractor dealer for exact pricing information and any applicable discounts, incentives or special package offers in your area. Prices, specifications and programs are subject to change without notice.

Tractor Comparison

Tractor Model Mahindra 5555 Kubota MX5100 New Holland TT60A John Deere 5055E
Cylinders 3 4 3 3
Hp 55 (41) @ 2100 52.2 (38.9) @ NA 56 (41.7) @ 2500 55 (41.5) @ 2400
Displacement 152.4 (2497) 148.5 (2434) 179 (2900) 179 (2934)
Pto Rpm 540 @ 2100 540 @ 2600 540 @ 2800 540 @ N/A
  • Lowest rated RPM
  • Fuel-efficient, turbocharged direct-injection diesel engine
Type open center, full live hydraulic with position and draft control open center, full live hydraulic with position control open center, full live hydraulic with position control (draft optional) open center, full live hydraulic with position control (draft optional)
Pump Output 10.6 9.5 19.3 18.2
Lift Capacity 3968 2310 @ 24" behind pins 2930 3192 @ 24" behind pins
  • Best-in-Class lift capacity
  • Lift more than Kubota, New Holland and Deere
  • Standard draft control
Loader Model 5555-4L LA844 620TL 553
Max Lift Height 128 N/A 114.5 122
Digging Depth 6 N/A 5 4
Lift Capacity 3000 N/A 2210 3133
Breakout Force 4825 N/A 4791 5378
  • Best-in-Class lift capacity
  • Handle tougher jobs and heavier loads
  • Sturdy construction
Op Weight Total 5976 3620 4989 5070
Overall Length 140 (3556) 122.8 (3120) N/A N/A
Overall Width 79 (2007) 69.7 (1770) N/A N/A
    Type Forward-rev synchronized shuttle with full synchromesh Forward-rev synchronized shuttle with partial synchromesh Partial Synchromesh Partial Synchromesh
    Speeds 8F / 8R 8F / 8R 8F / 2R 9F / 3R
    • Fully synchronized transmission - always find the right gear
    • Forward-Reverse Synchro Shuttle with full synchromesh
    Ag 9.5x24 / 14.9x28 9.5x16 / 14.9x26 N/A N/A
    • Wider Tires = Maximum / Even Traction
    • Excellent Flotation and Load Distribution Properties
    • Able to Carry Heavier Loads than Comparable Sizes


    Monday, March 3, 2008
    Cascade Equipment Spokane WA
    5530 4WD Shuttle
    Kenny Twitchell
    Troy, Idaho

    This tractor is a beast! Other that my wife it's the best investment I've made. Not knowing any thing about Mahindra when I was looking for a tractor, I did a lot of research and learned a lot about the competition and for the price this was a bargain. It out classed the others by a long way and I saved thousands of dollars.
    In our part of north central Idaho we have a vast temperature expanse and this thing never hesitates to start or shift. Even when it's 15 below it started right up with out the preheater. Thats because I didn't know how it worked at the time.
    If Im mucking out the corrals or plowing snow this thing never ceases to amaze me and we get a lot of snow.
    It's very simple to operate, it has the right speeds for pulling a baler and smooth enough for doing tedious work around buildings or fence posts. It's also very comfortable to sit and operate. All the controls are conveniently located and easy.
    I purchased this machine from Scott at Cascade Equipment in Spokane Wa and he has been very good to work with. Even when mine needed some work done he brought another down from Spokane because he said he wouldn't leave me without a tractor. And thats a 2 and a half hour haul. Our John Deere and Case-New Holland dealer 12 miles away wouldn't even do that. I know this because a lot of people have them and know the history. I would strongly suggest buying from him. Service is exceptional.

    Easy start, comfort, ease of operation, lots of power and traction and great lifting capacity and reach. Not having to worry about dumping every thing on the hood. Glow plugs and preheat work great. I get many complements on how good it looks and the guys that have drove it are really impressed.
    Bucket hydraulics are a little slow. The casting on the control valve was a problem and the little snap ring kept blowing out but Mahindra stood behind it and fixed it. The ignition key is in a bad location because when I turn to watch behind me I hit it with my knee and shut the engine off.
    Friday, October 3, 2008
    EFC Equipment, Richland, WA/Clarkston, WA
    5530 4WD Shuttle
    Mike Rosen
    Deary, Idaho

    My father and I bought the Mahindra 5530 4WD for use on our 40 Acre hobby farm in Northern Idaho. After doing months of research on "comparable" tractors (New Holland, John Deere, Kubota, Case/IH, Montana etc...), we found that for the most bang for our buck the Mahindra was the way to go. First, the Mahindra is a heavier duty tractor. It came with the front loader and ready to work. All of the others, we would have had to "add" the extras. The only thing we added was the dual spindles for rear hydraulics. We also bought the Bison NHVH-242-XHD Rear Blade. One of the strongest rear hydraulic blades on the market. My dad grew up on John Deere equipment on a diary farm in Minnesota, I grew up using the same equipment...as hard as it was to go with another manufacturer, I do not regret it one bit! The warranty is awesome, the Buck at EFC was and still is the best salesman I have ever worked with. I had a John Deere 2010 and upgraded to my Mahindra 5530 4WD. Another plus, is that Mahindra is made in the U.S.A. it maybe owned by India, but they put them together in Georgia and Texas. JD tractors that are less than 100 horse are made in India and shipped here...You pay a lot of money for that infamous green and yellow paint...the paint doesn't do the work...save yourself the time and go with a Mahindra! If you are like me and strong minded and want to do the research, look at the specs of all comparable tractors, Mahindra will beat them all almost every time! I am getting a Kodiak 10' Pull Type Mower next and a Skidsteer Fork system...looking forward to making short order of my projects!!! I have used the snot out of my tractor and I am VERY PLEASED!!! Several larger ranch owners have come by to see my tractor and cannot believe how strong of a tractor it is and how well built everything is...to quote one of them, "This front loader makes mine look like it was built out of toothpicks...wanna trade?" I have used my tractor for grading my long road, pulling stumps, moving gravel, moving dirt for a road widening project, mowing, tilling, moving brush...you name it, I have probably done it. If you want to ask me any questions about my experience with my Mahindra, feel free to email me at deerklr@gmail.com. Trust me, after you waste your time doing all the research like my dad and I, you will end up seeing the Mahindra is the way to go. Why pay extra for the paint, when you can put that money towards attachments or a bigger tractor?!!

    Lift capacity of the front loader, lift capacity of the three point. Warranty and willingness of the company to stand behind their product. Weight of the tractor and ability of the engine to move the tractor and what you are pulling, towing, using etc... Location of all the controls and ease of operation. Strength of tractor, freaking work horse. Quality of craftsmanship.
    Cotter pin that holds throttle linkage pin in place is weak, needs to be beefed up or replaced with something stronger (bolt maybe?).
    *MSRP is for informational purposes only. Price does not include loader. MSRP pricing does not include freight, surcharges (taxes or fees) or delivery charges. Please contact your Mahindra Tractor dealer for exact pricing information and any applicable discounts, incentives or special package offers in your area. Prices, specifications and programs are subject to change without notice.