The main man, Edward Kirby, of Orchard Hill Farm Equipment remembers driving tractors at a very early age. His grandfather owned a very large farm in Sunderland, Ma.

There were fields as far as you could see, full of perfectly manicured rows of vegitables. Ed remembers his grandfather putting him up on the tractor and just telling him to "stay between the rows". Being only about 6 years old, he could not reach any of the pedals, but really only had to keep the tractor in a straight line anyway. Gramp would catch up to him at the end of the field, turn the rig around and set him back up for the return trip.
Needless to say, farming is in Ed's blood.
Sometime in Ed's mid 20's, he decided to sell his personal compact tractor. He was surprised to see how much demand there was for this size tractor. The phone was ringing off the hook. He thought about this and in his spare time he picked up a few similar used tractors. Ed's little hobby now turned profitable enough to call it a small business. The business began at our family farm and soon outgrew this location. Orchard Hill Farm Equipment is now a successful tractor dealership corporation.
At Orchard Hill Farm Equipment, you will not only find Mahindra tractors. We also carry a HUGE inventory of trailers of every kind, Exmark landscape equipment, Kioti,3pt attachments, Yanmar excavators and many other brands. See our web site for complete details.
Stop by for a visit and see what we have to offer. We keep a very large inventory at all times. Most equipment can be taken home the same day.

1210 Federal Street
Belchertown, MA 01007
Phone: 413-253-5456
Fax: 413-253-4296

Wednesday 6am-6pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-4pm
Sat 6am-12pm

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