Before buying the Mahindra 1000C, I tried every ATV made looking for the best ride – Polaris, Kubota, Kawasaki, Artic Cat. When Mahindra came out with the XTV and we took it for a ride, we were amazed by how well it rode. It rides so smooth. You can go in holes – the suspension is so good, you don't even feel it. The vehicle is really comfortable and a lot quieter than other utility vehicles. It drives great, and it has better-made seats. The Mahindra has big cup holders, too. On the Polaris, the cup holders hardly hold anything. We have a lot of acreage, and the 1000C is great to ride fences. You can pull a spreader or seeder behind it. You can feed cattle out of it. If you have a water leak, you can put all your tools in the back and you have what you need right there. You can put a big round bale on the back – you can't do that in a Polaris. It's great for transportation and general work. We got the six-seater because our kids and grandkids live here too. That way, we don't have to drive a car around the property and we don't have to worry about getting stuck. I like the design of the machine and it has done us real well. We've been enjoying it. The 1000C makes it easy to get around. You can have all your stuff in the back if you need to do something. We purchased our XTV from J5 Tractors, where we also purchased a 100-horsepower Mahindra tractor. Richard and Tracy Johnson are exceptional pillars of our community. They have a great business and a good work ethic.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016
J5 Tractors
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Norman gee, TX
mPact XTV 1000 C Diesel