Had this emax 25S for around six months now ,it has been a wonderful machine I now have a little over five hundred hours and the only defect was the muffler that was replaced with an upgraded heavy duty one under warranty, the tail pipe broke off. I had done a good bit of research before this purchase on several tractors but the mihindra kept coming up on the better in my research. The dealer has been great also they are a Mahindra only dealer which I was looking for because I had gone to other dealers that had other types and they were trying to push something other than I was wanting that lead to me doing more research and still returned to Mahindra. This is the only new subcompact tract I've ever owned and like I say its been wonderful and worth every penny. We had a level 2 tornado hit our property and homes pumping 118 mile per hour winds so it left a Bunch of downed trees so this is why I've put so many hours on this tractor in such a short time. I can say this these little tractors ain't toys or glorified lawn mowers they are small hard working strong well made tractors, now the fuel usage could be better I suspect but with what I do and have done I am not gonna complain. We have a little over yen acres and once I get everything cleaned up I believe there will be no problem on general maintenance such as mowing, gardening, fence repairing,etc., I've already made a pond about twenty across by about seven foot deep however the pond was not really intended I was getting red soil for camper trailer pads and placed more soil around my home so the pond was born. A loader and 4 wheel drive is worth every penny. Over all would I purchase Mahindra again ? You bet I will.
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Friday, November 1, 2019
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